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Construction Cost Management


How much? It is the first and most important question to ask before investing the time and money required to develop a concept into a realized project, and answering it incorrectly at the concept phase will assuredly lead to cost overruns and time delays later down the road.

Cost management is the process by which companies control and plan the costs of doing business. Individual projects should have customized cost management plans, and companies as a whole also integrate cost management into their overall business model. There is no single accepted definition for this term, because it has such broad applications and possible strategies. When properly implemented, cost management will translate into reduced costs of production for products and services, as well as increased value being delivered to the customer.

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Top-Down Construction Method

32Top-down technology (downward) is the advanced method employed to substructure construction, other than the conventional method (upward).In this method, basement concrete slabs act as lateral bracing for the perimeter wall system. Ground level and first basement slabs are poured, with access holes left to allow excavation beneath. As each subsequent subgrade level is completed, the floors act as lateral bracing for the perimeter wall system.

Working space and construction duration: it is not required a large working space for foundation excavation and saving cost by eliminating to construct the retaining wall. Especially for public transport works as traffic tunnels, this method helps to soon re-established  trafffic road. And the top-down method of construction enables a high-rise superstructure and its sub-basement to be built simultaneously (popularly for civil works have basements) —-> accelerate construction.It is not required of the temporary strutting system (Bracsing System) to support the basement walls during excavation and construction of basement. That is cost-saving for constructiion. Temporary strut system is often very complex problems of space and very expensive construction.

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Construction Time Management

Construction time management is an element of the construction budgeting process where the project management team determines the amount of time devoted to each segment of the project. Construction time management determines the amount of man hours and employees needed to reach completion. More commonly used and written out by hand before the introduction of computers and the internet,construction estimate forms are now largely filled out on a computer.


Construction time management plays a major role in developing the cost estimates for projects of varying construction methods. The traditional method is to use the design/bid/build approach, where an architect or engineer oversees the project. They handle the design, produce construction drawings, oversee bids and contracts and the building process itself. The links between the architect, the client and the main contractor are direct. The contractor can win a project through the lowest blind bid or through the construction manager at-risk method, where the contractor guarantees to deliver the project within a guaranteed maximum price. Instead of simply serving as construction manager, the contractor also serves as a consultant to the owner during the design and development processes.

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Bank doors open more widely, but businesses cannot go in

It’s obvious that the State Bank’s decision to slash the dong ceiling deposit interest rate to 12 percent aims to rescue businesses which have been bogged down in difficulties. However, analysts have warned that the decision may not help much.

Businesses’ assets nearly exhausted

Deputy Chair of the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) Nguyen Duc Thanh said that most of the assets of enterprises are not valuable, just several thousands of square meters of production workshops.

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Hanoi realty market not ripe for investors

This is not the right time for secondary investors to join the present dreary realty market as the central bank’s latest loosened credit policy will bring about a psychological impact only, insist market observers.

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Construction Site

Construction Layout Design

The construction of a building can be considered as production with temporary factory. The building site being the ‘factory’ in which the building contractor will make the product on site. Site layout can be defined as site space allocation for material storage, working areas, units of accommodation, plant positions, general circulation areas, and also access and egress for deliveries and emergency services.

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Risk Basement Construction

To obtain the best efficiency for the project and to minimize the possible damages for the project and the neighboring buildings, we should have a suitable risk management system (RMS) to implement in the project to ensure that the project is operated in the best and safest way to gain full targets of the project: Safety – Quality – Process – Efficiency.

What is Risk Management System (RMS) ?
The deep Basement construction needs to be done by the Professional Contractor with a full knowledge about the possible risks and there is a methodical and full control system about this issue.

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Construction Site Management

Construction Site
Here’s what you need to know about Site Construction:

1. There are lots of people on a construction site at any one time, and knowing who they are, who they work for and what they are doing, is important for health and safety reasons, as well as for making sure that the build is going to plan.

2. Without some sort of management system, it can be hard to keep track of who should and shouldn’t be there. Are some people late for work? Has that company done all it needs to do for the build? Are workers waiting for parts or materials to arrive?

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Cost Estimation

Cost estimating is one of the most important steps in project management. A cost estimate establishes the base line of the project cost at different stages of development of the project. A cost estimate at a given stage of project development represents a prediction provided by the cost engineer or estimator on the basis of available data. According to the American Association of Cost Engineers, cost engineering is defined as that area of engineering practice where engineering judgment and experience are utilized in the application of scientific principles and techniques to the problem of cost estimation, cost control and profitability.
Virtually all cost estimation is performed according to one or some combination of the following basic approaches:

Production function. In microeconomics, the relationship between the output of a process and the necessary resources is referred to as the production function. In construction, the production function may be expressed by the relationship between the volume of construction and a factor of production such as labor or capital. A production function relates the amount or volume of output to the various inputs of labor, material and equipment. For example, the amount of output Q may be derived as a function of various input factors x1, x2, …, xn by means of mathematical and/or statistical methods. Thus, for a specified level of output, we may attempt to find a set of values for the input factors so as to minimize the production cost.

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