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Here’s what you need to know about Site Construction:

1. There are lots of people on a construction site at any one time, and knowing who they are, who they work for and what they are doing, is important for health and safety reasons, as well as for making sure that the build is going to plan.

2. Without some sort of management system, it can be hard to keep track of who should and shouldn’t be there. Are some people late for work? Has that company done all it needs to do for the build? Are workers waiting for parts or materials to arrive?

3. Construction sites contain a lot of valuable building materials, such as bricks, glass, roofing and other materials. These can be the target of theft, and so the site needs to be properly managed so that that the risk of theft is reduced.

4. Workers need the right tools in order to do their jobs, and these tools are often expensive, and so can be tempting to an opportunistic thief.

5. Valuable vehicles such as diggers, cranes, and lorries are often left on site at night, and can be damaged or stolen, if the premises are not properly protected. Delaying the project can cause as many problems as having to repair or replace the vehicles.

6. Vandals might be tempted to wreak havoc on a building site if they know that the security is lax. From knocking over piles of bricks and breaking glass to defacing walls with graffiti, are just some of the reasons that you’ll want to make sure that your site is secure.

7. If the construction work is controversial, then there may be an issue with protestors blockading, infiltrating or barricading the site. An effective security system will help to ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum, and that delays and rising costs don’t affect the build too much.

8. A construction site management system will make it easy to see when and which contractors were and weren’t on site in case of dispute. Perhaps some contractors are trying to claim for days they didn’t work, or some companies are claiming compensation due to delays caused by other companies.

9. By making sure that the identity and purpose of everyone on site is known, the costs can be dramatically reduced because of increased efficiency and productivity.

10. Project management is much easier when there is more organization and accountability. From Health and Safety issues and ensuring that contractors are at work on time, to arranging deliveries and resolving disputes, you’re sure to find that your projects run smoother when you use a construction site management system.

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