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Risk Basement Construction

To obtain the best efficiency for the project and to minimize the possible damages for the project and the neighboring buildings, we should have a suitable risk management system (RMS) to implement in the project to ensure that the project is operated in the best and safest way to gain full targets of the project: Safety – Quality – Process – Efficiency.

What is Risk Management System (RMS) ?
The deep Basement construction needs to be done by the Professional Contractor with a full knowledge about the possible risks and there is a methodical and full control system about this issue.

The implementation of the risk management system (RMS) also requires Client and Contractors to accept the necessary costs to maintain and to operate this system. However, these costs are necessary and proper to ensure the safety for the project.
Basement Construction

To achieve the best effect of the risk management in the project, we should take some steps:
For Client
· Establishing risk management system (RMS) for projects and ensure the system is properly implemented.
· For collecting data of the contractor, requesting Contractors to submit the risk management system/policy comply with the requirements, conditions of Client for the project in the file bid. Client should collect the contractor that has enough ability to implement the project.
· While checking RMS of client & contractor there is need of third party throughout implementation to check both.
· Need to have the insurance contracts for the project and related parties with Insurance Company.

For Contractor
· Establishing the RMS with the most suitable policies, strategies for the project and to well comply with the requirements of Client and the legal regulations and the policy of the company.
· There is a serious combination with Client and related parties throughout the project implementation to ensure the best maintenance of the risk management for the project.
· Establishing and using the suitable tools to manage the risk for the project in order to analyze the reason of the incidents on site and to get the solution to avoid, minimize the damages the most effectively.
· Using Risk strategies effectively share the risk with third parties as the insurance company or to require Client to be responsible for some risk of the project.
· Giving out the detail classification for the risks may be occurred for the project, defining the reason to give out the most suitable solution to avoid or minimize the influences of the risks.
· Establishing the most suitable and effective Risk Organization Chart for each project and establishing the most effective plan.
· Establish reward and penalty system to reduce the risk in project.
· Having the most suitable Method Statement for the project to minimize the risks
· Developing the human control with the suitable management measures to ensure that the staffs are collected and used for the most effectively for the project,
· Have to have the insurance contracts for workers, equipments of Contractor and third party on site with Insurance Company.


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