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The Role of the Project Manager


A project manager is that the one who has the responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a project. the duty title is employed in construction, petrochemical, design, data technology and lots of totally different industries that manufacture merchandise and services.
The project manager should have a mix of skills as well as a capability to raise penetrating queries, detect unstated assumptions and resolve conflicts, also as additional general management skills.
Key among his or her duties is that the recognition that risk directly impacts the chance of success which this risk should be each formally and informally measured throughout the lifetime of the project.
Risks arise from uncertainty, and also the successful project manager is that the one who focuses on this because the main concern. Most of the problems that impact a project arise in one-way or another from risk. a decent project manager will reduce risk considerably, usually by adhering to a policy of open communication, making certain each important participant has a chance to precise opinions and considerations.

It follows that a project manager is one who is to blame for creating selections each giant and little, in such the simplest way that risk is controlled and uncertainty minimised. each call taken by the project manager ought to be taken in such the simplest way that it directly edges the project.
Project managers use project management software, like Microsoft Project, to organise their tasks and workforce. These software packages permit project managers to supply reports and charts in a very couple of minutes, compared with the many hours it will take if they are doing it by hand.

The role of the project manager encompasses several activities including:
– Planning and Defining Scope
– Activity designing and Sequencing
– Resource designing
– Developing Schedules
– Time Estimating
– Cost Estimating
– Developing a Budget
– Documentation
– Creating Charts and Schedules
– Risk Analysis
– Managing Risks and problems
– Monitoring and Reporting Progress
– Team Leadership
– Strategic Influencing
– Business Partnering
– Working with Vendors
– Scalability, Interoperability and Portability Analysis
– Controlling Quality
– Benefits Realisation


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