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Indochina Plaza in Hanoi City, VietNam

Indochina Plaza Hanoi is the commercial complex and apartments which is built in the area of 16.619m2 at 239 Xuan Thuy Str., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi, on the road linking the central districts to My Dinh area and main roads leading to Noi Bai international airport.

 With modern architecture, louvers preventing direct anti-sunlight harmoniously designed to heat- protecting and reduce power consumption. 2- layer glass windows, ensuring security without affecting vision.

 Indochina Land has launched a product that people here may enjoy the true value of life.

 The combination includes a 11-storey office tower, two apartment towers: 31 and 35 floors, is connected by a modern shopping center at 5 floors.

 The two apartment towers with a total construction area of 60.208m2 including 390 luxury apartments under overlasting owning. The apartments have area from  93m2 to over 200m2 and 6 especially luxurious pent-houses with private swimming pool.

 An 11-storey Grade A office Area of Indochina Plaza Hanoi has a total floor area of about 17.889m2 and is equipped with 4 high speed elevators. Each floor of the office has a total area of 1.635m2 with a service area in the center.

 Shopping center will be ranged from level 1 to level 5, with approximately 32.600m2, which is designed according to international standard style including indoor and outdoor space in which the retail area is 19.731m2.


All apartments have their advanced equipments imported from well-known companies in the world and be considered to choose with the sustainability criteria for the survival time, provides a very elegant light and elegant space.

 The entire living spaces and bedrooms was oak floored with big size and natural wood color gives a warm and sweet feeling. The lighting system is the recessed wall lights combined with halogen lamps produce light angles can be converted to suit the different architectual vista of the apartment. Kitchens and bathrooms were expressed by travertine stone cabinets and yellow brown or silver glazed tiles which is colour schemed are extremely suitable with the surrounding spaces. All kitchens are equipped with advanced domestic appliances imported from Europe. The wooden furniture was ordered separately, made from constructional wood boards or polyurethane lacquer translucent plastic.

 Utilities / Facilities

 • Commercial complex and multi-function residential located in an open space.

• World class commercial center
• Grade A office for rent

 • Two apartment towers with three high -speed elevators for each tower

• Two parking basements with security.
• Entertainment and Event organization areas for residents of the building
• The kidgarden and amusement parks safe for children
• Sports Equipment and advanced spa system
• Two outdoor swimming pools
• Entertainment and rooftop garden landscaping
• The penthouse apartment with private gardens and swimming pools
• Support services for residents in the building and protection during 24 hours.

Total investment value for the whole project is about $ 150 million of reputable investors Indochina Land, Indochina Plaza Hanoi is expected to hand over apartments in 12/2011.


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